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Priscilla Lim
Ascend N. California VP Corporate Relations

Priscilla Lim
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Priscilla Lim has been a member of Ascend since 2017 and currently sits on the boards for the Northern California and LA Metro chapters.


Priscilla is an Executive Director for JP Morgan Chase and serves as the Site Leader for its San Francisco Chapter of Women on the Move, the company’s initiative to support and advance women. She has over 17 years of experience in commercial banking and law. Her previous experiences include working in seven different cities for HSBC Bank and Webb Farry Law Firm


In her spare time, Priscilla enjoys cooking and hosting friends and family for dinner parties. She also enjoys traveling and hiking with her husband.

Current Residence:  San Francisco, California
Birthplace:  Brunei Darussalam

Why did you join Ascend? I was brand new to America.  I moved to NYC in 2016 for a new job and for my then-boyfriend-now-husband. I have always been passionate about empowering the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and Ascend has been the right fit

How did you first learn about Ascend?  

I first learnt about Ascend in 2017 when I was working for HSBC Bank in NYC. In 2018, I was nominated by our executive sponsor of our AAPI employee resource group (ERG) to attend the Asian American Executive Program at Stanford University. There, I met many successful AAPI individuals and felt empowered by their achievements. I remember Ascend Executive Advisors Wes Hom and Buck Gee encouraging me to become a board member instead of just being a member 

What’s one important thing you’ve learned through Ascend?  

Do not be afraid to be vocal about the things you are passionate about.  As Asians, we have often been taught to keep our heads down and not be vocal. During the start of the AAPI hate crimes in 2020, I remember getting together with other leaders of my then company’s AAPI ERG. We were concerned for our AAPI community and raised the issue to our Executive Leadership Team

who quickly condemned the violent acts on social media.

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Priscilla and her husband enjoy married life in

San Francisco.


From her favorite family tradition to her Instagram page (@mclimfood), Priscilla isn’t shy about being a foodie!

What’s your favorite cultural tradition and how do you enjoy celebrating it? 

Chinese New Year with my family.  We usually have a massive Chinese New Year Eve dinner which would typically include fish (prosperity), chicken, noodles (longevity), etc. followed by my brother lighting firecrackers and fireworks.  We would then take our parents to the Chinese temple at midnight for prayers and blessings. We usually try to stay up late – apparently, the later you sleep on the eve of Chinese New Year, the longer your parents will live.


What’s your favorite motto you live by? 

Never a dull moment! I actually thought of having that on my tombstone!


What’s your favorite place to visit in NorCal? 

Lands End for hiking after dim sum, of course!  At Lands End, you get the forest and a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Tell us about your family.
My father is from Brunei while my mum is from Singapore. I have three sisters and one brother. The family is split between the US (me only!), Brunei (elder siblings), and New Zealand (parents + younger siblings).  We immigrated to New Zealand in 1992!


Any additional fun facts about yourself you’d like to add?  
This is no secret, but I am a foodie.  I love trying foods of all kinds which led me to start a cooking Instagram page under @mclimfood – do add me and let’s share recipes :)

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