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What is Ascend Cares?

  • An umbrella for recurring and one off initiatives focused on social good


  • A unifying platform that should be used for all National and Chapter-led social good programs


  • Our goal is to activate the Ascend 5-Point Action Agenda through the Ascend Cares programs:

    • Promote inclusion

    • Raise awareness

    • Give donations

    • Support communities

    • Denounce bias

Our goal is to sponsor and develop projects that will help Pan-Asian leaders positively impact and empower local communities to be inclusive places to live, work, and thrive, benefitting the largest number of people in the largest possible way.

Why do we need Ascend Cares?

  • Provides opportunities for our Pan-Asian business leaders to positively impact and empower local communities to be inclusive places to live, work, and thrive

  • Drives consistency in the execution of our Ascend social good initiatives

  • Activates our 5-Point Action Agenda, which will help to expand our sponsor network

  • Increase our brand and impact in local communities, and on a national level

  • Directly reacts to feedback from the Ascend community for more social good programs

  • Provides a mechanism for us to measure our social good impact within the community

Campaign Evaluation
Ascend Cares Evaluation.png

Campaign Evaluation

  • Ideas will be solicited from chapters annually for evaluation and selection

    • Ideas can also be nominated by chapters at an ad hoc basis and can be driven by corporate sponsors or community partners

  • Each campaign is evaluated for certain criteria before launch (see left)

  • Each campaign will be approved by an Ascend Cares committee that consists of National and chapter representatives

Campaign Evaluation Committee

Tentative committee made up of the following representatives: 

  • 1 National board member (Passionate about social impact)

  • 1 representative from National Staff

  • 1 representative from Ascend Foundation

  • 1 representative from Ascend Chapter Presidents (Passionate about social impact)

Annual Campaign Workflow.png

Ascend Care Initiatives 

Feed Your Hospital

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